The film

“In Three Acts” falls into a category between fiction and non-fiction films, a proposal of poetic essay that has been booming in the movie industry. The ever-so-fine line between fiction and documentary has allowed filmmakers to work outside a preconceived framework.

The movie deals with finiteness and continuity, elderliness and youth through body expression, using contemporary dance and prose, with passages by Simone de Beauvoir.


The dance, choreographed by João Saldanha, is also a tribute to Angel Vianna, a Brazilian contemporary dance icon, who is featured in the movie at the age of 85.

Angel dances with Maria Alice Poppe, a former student of hers, who is currently in her prime. The performance - which contrasts those two bodies without any clichés - is accompanied by Simone de Beauvoir’s words, performed by Nathalia Timberg and Andrea Beltrão. Such words are freely inspired by interviews granted by the author, as well as by her books “The Coming of Age” and “A Very  Easy Death”, the latter written about her own mother’s passing.


 In Three Acts' film still image, from Lucia Murat

The movie was  produced through a partnership with TSProductions – with whom Taiga had previously co-produced “Almost Brothers” –, and it received French support from Milena Poylo and Gilles Sacuto, who negotiated with Gallimard Publishers, the holders of Simone de Beauvoir’s copyrights. 


the Intelectual

The character  of the Intellectual is freely based on Simone de Beauvoir (1908-1986) and draws from many of her texts and interviews, mainly those concerning elderliness, from her books “The Coming of Age” and “A Very Easy Death”, the latter regarding her mother’s death – an emotional narrative that stands out in her oeuvre. According to Sartre and many critics, this short book is Beauvoir’s greatest work. The Intellectual is played at two different moments in her life - at the age of 50, by actress Andrea Beltrão, and at 80, by actress Natalia Timberg.

 In Three Acts' film still image, from Lucia Murat


 In Three Acts' film still image, from Lucia Murat

Angel Vianna

A Brazilian contemporary dance icon, Angel dances and observes Maria Alice’s young body perform moves that she can no longer execute, while her own body lives and expresses itself under the burden of life. The dance performance that serves as our starting point is a choreographic experiment celebrating Angel’s 85 years, 60 of which were entirely dedicated to dance.

Every metamorphosis is terrifying. I remember when I was a child and realized that one day I would be an adult. I was terrified.


Maria Alice Poppe

She brings a vigorous and poetic dance. Dancer and teacher with training in Modern and Contemporary Dance, she graduated in Dance from Angel Vianna College. She has performed in countless festivals in Brazil and abroad.

 In Three Acts' film still image, from Lucia Murat

 In Three Acts' film still image, from Lucia Murat